Blisteringly Handsome With A Head Too Small For Ball Caps

I wrote some boring stuff about myself below. The small cranium revelation in the header above is more interesting.

All the Services

If you ignore the fact I ganked these services from a bunch of high profile branding sites that offer the same amenities, they're super-unique to Danforth Studio.

Graphic Design

Clean, energetic, & vibrant. I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about your branding, digital, and print visuals.

Art Commission

My focus is on painting and drawing, but I wouldn’t be mad if you asked about creating an interpretive dance piece.

Social Media

Using Facebook’s browser interface is like hate-eating a burger with all the toppings sliding off and you're jamming them back in from the opposite side. You’re connected but angry, and now you have to unfriend the pickles. Am I talking about food?


I'm known to take a trip to IKEA where I pull Hemnes furniture series parts off the shelf and start installing in the store until I’m asked to leave.

Web Design

As I've told my more advanced coding buddies: I like to make stuff look pretty. And while we're at it, let's get the user interface just right.

Project Management

The sphere of organization I've developed compels less prepared producers and managers to get caught in my completionist gravity well, which bends time. And since they're standing still, time moves slowly, which means the project has more time!

There's a resume below this point It's nicely formatted I wouldn't blame you for scrolling to the footer Clicking to another page Or something far more useful Like yard work Picking up guitar lessons Or visiting another site Look! A live stream of Fortnite on Twitch

Brent Danforth

You want the site to come to a screeching halt? This is how you get the site to come to a screeching halt.


Exuberant, artistic, and tech-minded, I've got a thing for diving right into process. As a designer, manager, and educator, I thrive on developing good relationships with my team and clients, creating trust that leads to empowered work centers, and excellent client referrals. I'm artistically and personally gestural, waving my hands around energetically, but I always find that quiet tech space to tinker, build and relax.


    Account Manager | Artists with Machines

    August, 2018 - Present

    Manage portfolio of valued clients for delivery of unique interior and exterior graphic signage. Work with production to skillfully manage scope and budget of each project.

    Project Manager | Artists with Machines

    January, 2014 - August, 2018

    Oversee custom graphic signage and special projects, leveraging expert communication and clear budget reporting for superior product solutions and higher margins.

    • Lead project manager for flagship interior decor packages, with brand projects employing metal fixtures, digital print and routed PVC elements.
    • Developed stock programs with margins at 40%
    • Established production program fof signature nuSTONE panel system for national clients, selling over 5,000 panels across 140 stores.
    • Partner with Prepress and Engineering to develop, red-line and correct shop drawings and layouts for customer approval.
    • Created full installation instruction packages for each account, well-worded and displayed graphically for non-professional installers in mind.

  • Freelance | Danforth Studio

    May, 2006 - Present

    Independent graphic, web, and fine art design studio working in a variety of mediums equipped to serve residental and commercial projects, social media, and drawing the personal web comic Bananatorium.

    • Lead designer for online forum Straferight for 8 years. Contributed in refreshing site color and layout, button icons, and graphic marketing banners.
    • Social Media Manager for Thomas Worthington Men's Soccer - Twitter & Facebook.
    • Designed a logo refresh for North Montgomery High School Basketball, including print and textile-ready images.
    • Web designer for Dupler Office for 4 years, shaping their content management with Wordpress and Squarespace.

    Production Manager | Creative Palette

    April, 2004 - December, 2013

    Managed efficient cut and build team assembling art frame components for health care and commercial clients. Established production work flow, producing between 700-1,000 frames per week, order raw material, & maintain stock inventory. Worked closely with assembly to exceed fulfillment timelines.

    Operations Manager | ChoiceArt

    January, 2001 - April, 2004

    Production and plant operations for e-commerce custom frame art store, organizing work flow from order receiving through production and shipping. Processed customer service questions and orders from online purchases and maintained raw material inventory.

    Adjunct Instructor | Columbus College of Art & Design

    January, 2000 - June, 2003

    Lectured and illustrated foundation painting and drawing classes. Instructed advanced painting and figure drawing classes focusing on experimenting with multiple mediums while maintaining anatomical proportions.

    Visiting Instructor | The Ohio State University

    September, 1994 - June, 1999

    Instructed foundation and elective art students on beginning painting, drawing, and design. Blended focus on advancing art students into the program and entry overview of the arts to non-program elective students.


    Master of Fine Arts | The Ohio State University

    September 1992 - June 1994

    • MFA in Drawing & Painting
    • Concentration in Lithography
    • Graduate Teaching Associate - Foundation & Advanced Drawing

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts | Indiana University Herron School of Art

    September 1987 - June 1991

    • BFA in General Fine Arts
    • Concentration in Drawing
    • Studies in Painting & Photography
    • Skills

      • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
      • Web Design - CSS3, HTML
      • Shop Management - Exact JobBOSS
      • Commercial Installer
      • Clients

          Volunteer & Hobbies

          • OCL Assistant Soccer Coach - 2009-2013
          • WYB Assistant Basketball Coach - 2009-2011
          • Summer Institute For The Gifted, Teacher - 2000-2002
          • DYI Custom Computer Builder - 2004 - Present
          • Resolute Athletics Co-ed Soccer League - 2016 - Present
          • References

            Artists with Machines

            Jeff Pecchio - Director of Project Management

            Suburban Steel

            Jenny Demko - CFO


            Craig Haynor - Owner

            Contact info available upon request