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Traditional, non-conforming design, art and comic relief. You didn't know you needed all these, but you do.

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Overthinking The Unusual

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Danforth Studio brings your project and art to life with a blend of excitement, humor, dedicated customer service, staring determinedly at the art, some quiet brooding alone, good healthy family eating mixed with a few sketchy trips for fast food, and a history of professional art that goes back to elementary school when I drew this cool picture of a morning sunrise over hills with several bunnies grazing around a barn.

Umm...that went a little off the rails. Click on the button below for a sobering, chronological, just making the cut line for PG-13 rated retrospective of what exactly I do. There will be icons and pictures!


Projects And Personality

Not everything is about me. Ha, that's adorable - Most of this isn't not about me.


When a creative wall smashes me right in the face, I employ an algorithm I wrote that calculates possible creative avenues using a multidisciplinary range of artistic, historical, and intelligent fields that evaluates and publishes a list of contemporary topics and visuals to create.

Design For You

I had to look up the word "algorithm" to make sure I was using it correctly. There are two things that really get the creative process rolling: Staring at a wall, and eating Boulder brand hot chili chips, they are SO good. So good.

Managing Ideas

There's no substitute for asking good questions, and coming up with spectacular solutions. From Installation to commission art, no direction is too fanciful or complex, and endless resources are available to complete a dynamic artistic project; right after I finish this episode of Black Mirror on Netflix, just hang on a second.
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Alternatively Typical

Traditional landscapes or psychedelic scene, your vision is ready to fulfill.

Danforth Studio equally works in traditional images and mocks everything traditional. I thumb my nose at a kitsch piece of future tech and equally bow down to offer reverent praise for an old Washington Allston painting. the most typical trademark of my art/design/fabrication is reasonably quick brush strokes and meticulous graphic design. The rule is no rules, unless you need rules, then I'll make some up.